“What a disgrace”: Chaliapin was publicly embarrassed

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Prohor does not know elementary things.

Although Prokhor Chaliapin is a singer, he is not famous for his loud hits. The performer is known more as a lovelace, who prefers older wealthy ladies.

On the talk show and in the interview, Prokhor swears that he has a passionate love for his passions, on the program “Secret of a Million” Chaliapin still revealed the truth. It is difficult to call unexpected revelations.

According to the singer, it’s all about the hype that scandals bring him, so the singer will continue his adventures.

Later, Prokhorov had to answer questions from the school curriculum, and then it turned out that the singer does not know even the most basic things.

“What a disgrace,” Prokhor blushed.

Photo source: Legion-media.ru

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