Well-known journalist and presenter Leonid Parfenov gave an interview in Yekaterinburg after the presentation of the film “Russian Georgians. The Second Film “at the Yeltsin Center, February 2022 |

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– Toast for the Russian people, which Stalin said at the famous reception about patience and willingness to make sacrifices: has anything changed since then?

– This is a terrible text, and many contemporaries perceived it as offensive. Especially this unheard of paragraph about other people expelling such a government. This looks like a strange compliment: we have not coped with the war, but we have such a patient people. It reads like this, otherwise it can’t be read. In this text, he clearly positions himself with this people, says as a Russian ruler that my people are submissive. Something like that goes through, it’s a double-edged sword. There are many interpretations of it.

– Was it possible to repeat such a toast word for word now?

“It’s not the same thing!” And why is this toast not suitable for Medvedev’s presidency? Everything endures, as we say, and will be.

– Is this patience of the Russian people a consequence of the long policy of the government or is such a policy of the government a consequence of the patience of the people?

“I don’t know where the egg is and where the chicken is.” But there is a fact: in the spheres that the state does not steer, it is clear that we are enterprising people, very enterprising, rapidly making up for lost time and behaving very liberally, in a European way. No herd instinct: “let’s get together in Chinese, and we’ll be fine”, so that everything is as people have. It is not for nothing that it was played by Egor Letov and most recently – Noize MS (the song “Everything is like people”). Note ed.). Whenever there is an opportunity for self-realization, I see that my compatriot behaves proudly, with dignity. He does not want to repeat someone’s path, destiny. He dares and wants his life scenario.

– Does this require a special ideology?

– This is the ideology! It will consist of a total of 140 million lives and will be embodied in the power of the state, ideology, significance for the rest of the world. Almost every time the Russians come to the big world, they always do something special. This is how Sergei Shchukin and Ivan Morozov felt about the new contemporary art. Schukin was never wrong, 264 paintings are masterpieces. He never bought anything passable.

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