Wee’s video from BTS with his dance at the Las Vegas Jazz Bar is the fastest Asian post to surpass 20 million views on Instagram

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Kim Taehyun fully enjoys life in Las Vegas just days after arriving in the city for the upcoming performance BTS at the Grammys and Permission to Dance concerts.

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April 2 Taehyun shared a video in which he dances with rolled up shirt sleeves to a famous song Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon»At the jazz bar in Las Vegas. He signed the post: “Are we dancing? 🕺 ».

Being the biggest fan of jazz in the field of K-pop, Taehyun was in his element, confidently dancing alone, being the only young bachelor in the crowd of elderly couples.

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The video rightly attracted a lot of attention and quickly gained 20 million views and 10 million likes in half a day, which became the fastest record for the Asian artist on Instagram and the second in the world.

He surpassed the previous second place he took Lionel Messi, despite the fact that he has 90% fewer subscribers. Unsurprising feat for the only Guinness World Record holder among BTS.

The video also became a hot topic among fans, making the KIM TAEHYUNG tag the number one on Twitter around the world as fans discussed and responded to the compelling video.

Confirming his “celebrity” status, the video also received a lot of love from various stars, public figures and industry professionals. No one was safe from a slight charm Taehyun.

Fans also shared their reaction to the charming video Taehyun. Many admired sexual confidence and smooth dance moves Taehyunwhile others also had fun celebrating how Taehyun looked completely out of place among the crowd of elderly couples.

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