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Caramello, Sandra Cisneros

Although Sandra Cisneros is an American writer, she mostly writes about Mexicans who moved to the United States. She has every reason to do so – her father was an emigrant, and she herself spent a lot of time as a child on the road between America and Mexico. In her “old” homeland, she spent the summer in the company of countless relatives.

Just like her, the heroine of the novel “Caramello” Lala Reyes spends the summer months. She goes to visit her grandparents in Mexico City. And although in part this novel can be called a “growing-up novel”, yet it is primarily a rather original family saga. There is no complete story about the history of the family – we learn about the family’s past from the fragmentary conversations of relatives and then put everything together into a single puzzle.

Fascinating, slightly exotic for the Russian reader and genuinely sincere book.

“In the first person”, Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is loved in Russia with a particularly strong love. He became famous in our country in the 1990s, when many people wanted to escape from reality, and I think that is why his books will be drawn to his books again today.

Let “First Person” is just a collection of short stories, not a new novel, but it comes in very handy: the leisurely rhythm of prose coupled with a light touch of mysticism and a certain natural incomprehensibility of life – just what you need now. The stories are extremely real and impossible at the same time, as Murakami should.

On the one hand, here’s a traveler staying in a detailed hotel, on the other – right there talking monkey, who falls in love with ordinary, that is, earthly, women. There are plenty of such paradoxes in the book, and this, rightly, is somewhat reassuring: there are still things in life that are constant and unchanging – for example, Murakami’s prose.

“Killer Train”, Kotaro Isaac

In general, if you like drive stories, dashing plot twists and black humor, then urgently take on “Killer Train”. Its author is not very well known in Russia, but in Japan he has long been a recognized master of his genre, he is strongly loved there.

I will not talk in detail about the plot, so as not to make spoilers, just warn that there are many twists, and completely unexpected. And it all starts not so banal: a whole gang of criminals of different colors and different calibers – gangsters, killers, swindlers – are stuffed into a high-speed Japanese train…

In 2022, a film based on the book will be released, starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and a host of other Hollywood stars. If all this is not a reason to read a novel, then I do not even know what the reason may be!

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