Wee from BTS spoke about his unique approach to songwriting

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you from BTS known for his musical talents. He is also a great artist! Surprisingly, his love of fine art influenced his approach to songwriting.

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you uses “white space” in his music to give listeners the opportunity to form their own mental images when they listen to his songs. In the art world, white space (also known as negative space) refers to the empty space around and between objects in a work. Proper use of empty space can improve the image and make it more balanced.

When he writes his solo songs, you avoids the use of “too many syllables”. In doing so, he applies empty space to his music and gives listeners time to feel the fullness of his lyrics. He said, “I tried not to fill my personal songs with too many syllables. There were parts I could express better and they sounded more polished when there was a bit of empty space».

you said about his approach to songwriting: “I hoped that ARMI would present something to themselves when they listened to my music, even if there was nothing to look at specifically». To make it easier for fans to imagine something while listening to his songs, you includes sounds that listeners can easily associate with real objects. For example, in “Scenery” he included the sounds of wind, bells, walking in the snow and the camera shutter.

Use you methods of visual art in his songs proves that he is a real artist. His unique approach to songwriting turns each of his songs into a musical journey that fans can not only listen to but also imagine.

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