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Recently, guys from a South Korean k-pop group BTS returned to their homeland after concerts in the United States. As usual, the guys were met by journalists and a crowd of fans in Seoul. Despite the large number of reporters, the crowd and the crowd, the idols were very friendly and even tried to keep an eye on the situation around.

BTS fans are discussing an incident that occurred at the airport. When the musicians came out to the crowd waiting, you (V) noticed the lady with the camera. The girl was fully involved in the work. She held a huge camera on her shoulders and filmed a report on BTS’s return home. The reporter was so engrossed in her work that she did not notice the pillar behind her. Tahen noticed this and hurried to warn the girl of the danger. The musician motioned for her to look around.

The action was appreciated by your fans. They praised him for his attentiveness and good attitude towards girls.

“It’s so cute”, “He took care of her like his girlfriend”, “Idol will be very attentive in a relationship”, “Good luck to his future girlfriend”, – fans note.

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