Wee from BTS said that he whispered in Olivia Rodrigo’s ear during the Grammy performance

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BTS were the focus of the 2022 Grammy (also known as the 64th Grammy Award). The band was nominated for “Best Pop / Duet / Performance” and performed their hit “Butter».

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Speech BTS at the Grammy 2022 was definitely among the most iconic, but one particular moment blew up the whole Internet: at the beginning of the performance in the frame suddenly appeared American singer Olivia Rodrigo. you from BTS leaned over to whisper something to her before get a card because of the hair singers and quit her Chonguku on stage.

Recently Taehyun went to Weverse and spent some time answering ARMI questions, many of which concerned the very moment with Olivia Rodrigo.

ARMS: Taehyun… What you whispered miss Rodrigo? It was such an amazing scene… Beautiful… Amazing… And sad… No, I mean… I was just curious ^^

you: I just told her it was “important.” We know each other well as colleagues. I didn’t even speak English.

Naturally, the ARMI suggested that Olivia was surprised because you whispered something to her in Korean. However, Taehyun he suddenly replied that he did not speak Korean either.

ARMS: Oliviawho portrayed surprise when she heard a Korean, real professional.

you: I didn’t speak Korean either.

Then the fans kept asking you about the moment with Olivia Rodrigo.

ARMS: It’s so funny you didn’t speak English ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Acting skills Olivia incredible ㅋㅋㅋ

you: Olivia – the hero

Many fans also assumed that at the time you said nothing Oliviabut he denied it, saying that he had said something, but could not remember the details because he was very nervous.

ARMS: Olivia behaved so well though Taehyun he whispered nothing to her.

you: I said something, but I was nervous because of the performance, so I don’t remember. I probably said, “Now you should be surprised».

Meanwhile, some ARMIs with eagle eyes noticed that the hands you trembled during the performancewhich indicates that he was really nervous. Despite this, Taehyun and the other participants did a great job, winning the hearts of the audience.

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