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Alla Pugacheva can’t handle eight-year-old twins Lisa and Harry alone. Not only her husband Maxim Galkin, but also her young nanny Oksana help her in this.

Children are very attached to the girl. They are taken to the gymnasium by a personal driver, thanks to which the elderly artist can dedicate time to herself. Brother and sister are also taken home by a driver or father. At that time, Alla Pugacheva was taking care of the household.

Apparently, the age of the Prima Donna is no longer the same to take full care of her son and daughter. So, lessons with children can be done by their nanny. Oksana became a faithful assistant to Alla Pugacheva. Lisa recently said that she loves mom, dad, babysitter and brother.

The singer calls Oksana Mary Poppins. The nanny teaches the children about housework in a playful way. With her help, Lisa cleared the table after dinner. And Harry is happy to bake cakes with Oksana.

Note that in her years, Alla Pugacheva looks great. The diva is watching the food. The star does not neglect the services of specialists to stay in shape as long as possible. So, earlier “Dni.ru” wrote that the celebrity spent millions of rubles on plastic surgery. The expert suggested that the People’s Artist did SMAS-lifting, abdominoplasty and liposuction.


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