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One actor, three DTF authors, 60 films.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Yes, we will watch movies with Nicholas Cage every day. The conditions of the marathon are as follows: three members of the editorial board – Anton Samitov, Andrei Vereshchagin and I, Alexander Omoloev – will watch three different films with Cage every day and write short notes about them. The marathon will be called “Three in a Cage” – for obvious reasons.

We will watch and write until April 21 – on this day in Russia was to be released a metacomedy “Unbearable weight of great talent”, in which Nicholas Cage played himself. But the film’s distributor, Lionsgate, has been deciding since April to suspend release of his paintings in Russia, and therefore it is now unknown when the Russian release of “Unbearable Heaviness” will take place. Which, however, will not stop our marathon.

We’ll start with a classic movie with Cage, and after we get to “The Bad Lieutenant” – on April 7 – we will understand the modern period of the actor’s work, trying not to miss anything. In other words, let’s look at all the “direct-to-video” movies in which Cage has been filming since 2009 and which few people have seen.

In total, from April 1 to 20, we have to watch 60 films with Cage (“The Unbearable Weight of Great Talent”, we hope we will still watch, albeit later). This is not the entire filmography of the actor, but, if the calculations are correct, about two thirds of it.

So, three weeks ahead with Nicholas Cage; is it bad. Yes, perhaps bad. But still good. Let’s start.

Cage Marathon, Day 1: “Raising Arizona,” “Vampire Kiss” and “Wild with heart »

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First of all, we look at the early works of the actor – one of the best in his career.

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