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We return with weekly recommendations.

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Atmosphere outside the TOP leagues – high! Planes landing over the field, Disney Castle and the Fortress Stadium

On the move we dive into the dungeon of European leagues. And we warn you at once – in this post there will be no beer and sausages, but a very atmospheric entourage.

Segunda’s top scorer is Ruben Castro. He opened closer to 30, rewrote the history of “Betis” and scored almost 300 goals

The story of the best scorer in the history of Betis and perhaps one of the most underrated strikers in Spanish football. It does not slow down even in 40 years.

Tahoe is Colombia’s national sport, where gunpowder is blown up, a lot of alcohol is drunk, and the main star is Gringo

This blog is a fascinating story about American sports. This time the story from Colombia is about a game of tech, which was invented by the Indians and has been played for more than 500 years.

Results of the 2022 Olympics on our television: TEFI Guberniev, victory of the First, boredom on “Match TV”

How is the First Channel becoming a branch of Tutberidze’s press service and how to evaluate the work of Kazansky and Stognienko in hockey? Traditional post with television results of the Olympics.

The Five Wonders of Friedhelm Funkel

His playing and coaching careers have gone far from world championships and league championship battles. However, in German football, the name of Friedhelm Funkel is still very good. The blog tells how miracles made it happen.

The most non-trivial football stadiums

The stadium on the roof of the shopping center, the arena at an altitude of 3601 meters above sea level and 30 thousandth between the rocks. All this in the entertaining improvement of the most unusual stadiums in the world.

This is a happy ending! 14-year-old Slovaks prepare for death of hockey, and talented schoolchildren revive it in 14 months

The Slovak hockey team unexpectedly took the bronze medal of the Olympics, sending 4 unanswered goals to the Swedes in the match for third place. Above is a story about how Slovak hockey went to this success.

Roller Coaster, or half of the Warriors season

This is a custom blog “Jordan Poole’s Notes”. Support the novice author with a plus and a subscription, he will soon be as important to the Tribune as Jordan Poole is to Golden State.

The participant of the Darts World Cup plays in the selection for the football U-21. Craig Galliano is a versatile athlete

Are there cases when you can play football and darts at the same time, and be in sight everywhere? Yes! Meet a guy who has time everywhere.

Improving anthropometry and point acquisitions – all you need to know about the transfer campaign “Seagulls”

The podium is beautiful because you can find the most specialized content here. How about analyzing winter sandpiper transfers?

F-1 rain tires drop a 100-liter water bath in half a second. But racing in the rain is still extremely dangerous

The author translated a column by Formula One technical director Pat Simmonds. Catch the text about the complexity of rain races.


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