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Hollywood novelties have left the domestic box office, and Russian distributors are looking for something to fill in the gaps in the release schedule, in alternative movie markets. “Fontanka” studied the latest Bollywood movie premieres and found that family sagas about twins separated in childhood, who constantly sing and dance, are no longer in vogue. In this selection – 10 Indian film novelties: from militants about special forces and historical blockbusters about brave revolutionaries to comedies about criminal bosses.


Genre: Thriller

Release date: already rented

Director: Behzad Hambata

Thriller is a rare genre for generally positive Bollywood movies. Indian actress and model Yami Gautam played the role of a teacher at a prestigious kindergarten in Mumbai on Thursday. Suddenly, one day, she takes a group of children hostage. A few hours later, the building was cordoned off by police and reporters, and the whole country’s attention was drawn to the terrorist. But that seems to be what she wanted.

The film starred another famous Indian actress Neha Dhupia, Miss India – 2002. At the beginning of filming it became known that the actress is in position, but the screenwriters of the film inscribed the character’s pregnancy in the plot, which further enhanced the drama of the film.

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Radhe Shyam

Genre: Melodrama

Release date: already rented

Director: Radhakrishna Kumar

This is the second feature film by an Indian director with the beautiful name Radhakrishna Kumar. The action takes place in Europe in the 1970s, where the romantic love story of the palmist Vikram Aditya to a cheerful rebel and doctor Preran unfolds – with an Indian scale, overwhelming emotions, music and, of course, dance. But Vikram is never wrong – and reads in the palm of his beloved that she has a bright future, but Vikram himself has no love line at all, so they can not be together. Prerana is hospitalized, she is diagnosed with a terrible disease, and only Vikram knows – fate has destined a long life for the girl. Only without a loved one it does not matter.



Genre: Biography, action

Release date: already rented

Director: S. S. Rajamuli

Rama Raju and Bhama are famous heroes of the Indian Revolution, real people. However, in their lives they have never met. The film RRR is a director’s fantasy about the friendship of two outstanding people with such a different destiny. Rama Raja in his youth was an executive policeman, a living witness to social injustice and persecution of Indians. And Bhama is a popular revolutionary sung in folklore, a kind of Mowgli-fed Indian land – Che Guevara, who in the film fights with his bare hands with a lion. In the picture, these people are united by the struggle against British tyranny, and friendship makes them a hundred times stronger.

In March, the tape was among the top three rental companies in North America. Its premiere fee was more than 10 million dollars.

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Bachchan Pandei

Genre: Crime, Comedy

Release date: already rented

Director: Farhad Samji

A young filmmaker (played by Criti Sanon, an Indian model and actress) is given the task of making a crime film. She decides to film a biography of one of the most terrible gangsters in India – Bachchan Pandeya (Akshay Kumar – a Bollywood star, Canadian of Indian descent, actor, martial arts master and TV presenter). Together with the improvised, they almost closely approach the criminal boss to study the texture for the film, but he exposes them. It seems that death at the hands of ruthless bandits is inevitable, but suddenly the mobsters are flattered that they want to make a film about him. He puts forward the condition that he will star in the lead role. He does not know that morals in the film world are steeper than in gangster fights.

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“Runway 34”

Genre: Thriller, Detective

Release date: April 2022

Director: Ajay Devgan

The film is inspired by the real events of August 2015, when a Jet Airways plane en route from Doha to Kochi ran into difficulty landing due to poor visibility and bad weather and miraculously escaped crash.

The main role of the charismatic and arrogant pilot Vikrant Khanna was played by the film’s director and Bollywood star Ajay Devgan. He goes on a dangerous flight with his partner (Rakul Prit Singh), and only thanks to his skill the plane does not crash. But not everything is so simple in a miraculous rescue, the most experienced pilot of the company (Amitabh Bachchan) undertakes the investigation and finds inconsistencies in the testimony.

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Genre: Action

Release date: May 2022

Director: Sashi Kiran Tikka

This is a story about a super-brutal special forces officer, whose role was successfully played by Jason Statham and Gerard Butler before the Hollywood bans. The main character, a black-eyed pumped-up handsome man with strong morals, was played by Adivi Sash – a star of Indian films, as well as a successful director and screenwriter (Indian film “The Moment”, where he starred and wrote the screenplay, won many international awards in 2015).

The film “Major” is based on real events and describes how in 2008 Major Sandip Unicrishnan rescued hostages from Pakistani terrorists at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, and he was killed in an operation. The film has a lot of shooting and tricks, as well as love for a beautiful woman and the tragic image of a mother in a folk sari.

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Genre: Historical drama

Release date: June 2022

Director: Chandraprakash Dvivedi

Prithviraj is a historical dramatic action film based on the epic poem by Braja Bhash about the king of the Hindu dynasty who ruled a large kingdom in northern India in the second half of the twelfth century. The story of Prithviraj Chauhan’s love and secret escape in 1175 with Samyukta, the daughter of a powerful king, has become the subject of many ancient legends. In India, Prithviraj is the hero of epics, fairy tales, many movies and TV series. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar starred in the famous king’s new film, and Manushi Chhilar, Miss World 2017, made her debut in the lead female role.


Genre: Historical action movie

Release date: July 2022

Director: Karan Malhotra

The events of the film take place in the XIX century, when India has not yet gained independence, and tells of the struggle of the Dakoit tribe against the tyrannical rule of Britain. The film stars Bollywood stars Ranbin Kapoor, who will play two roles in the film – a father and son of one family, as well as Sanjay Dutt, who plays the role of a ruthless killer. Beginner star Vaani Kapoor studied traditional Indian dance specifically for the film as a famous Indian actress.

Author: Malik Films

Laal Singh Chadda

Genre: Comedy, drama

Release date: August 2022

Director: Advait Chandan

An Indian remake of the 1994 Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks. Indian screenwriter Atul Kulkarni has been adapting the original screenplay for Forrest Gump for almost two decades. The film, like the original, shows the life of an autistic man, a Hindu named Laala Singha Chaddhi. The events of his life, closely related to the socio-economic upheavals in the country, are shown through the naive perception of the hero. In general, run, Forrest, run, just don’t lose the turban.

Starring Amir Khan and Karina Kapoor, the stars of the comedy “Three Idiots” (2009) – one of the highest grossing films in the history of Bollywood.

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