We are discussing “Our flag means death” – a series about insecure pirates

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Here’s a little curious statistics from the world of streaming: the most popular new series among Western viewers now is not “Moon Knight”, not the Apple hit “Separation” and not even a film adaptation of Halo, but a modest comedy “Our flag means death”. This is a series inspired by the real story of the English aristocrat Steed Bonnet, who gave up everything and became a pirate – but never gave up on toads, smart books and gentleman’s etiquette. In the new episode of “Eavesdropping”, recorded in partnership with VOKA, we understand whether it is worth watching all this – the opinions of the hosts Andrei and Anton this time were radically divided, but all the more interesting. Give the moorings, click on “play”!


  • First of all, “Our flag means death” attracts the name of one of the creators – Taiki Waiti. Yes, the director of “Torah” and “Real Ghouls” only produced the project, partially wrote the script and played one of the main roles, but in the general mood – this is 100% of his material. We tell you how a New Zealander once again makes scary people extremely funny, what is the peculiarity of his specific New Zealand humor and why he does not seem funny to everyone.
  • Actually, the “funny – not funny” confrontation is almost the whole episode of this podcast. Andrei was very quickly disappointed in the series, when he realized that he had never even smiled, Anton did not see any problem in this. Again, we raise a painful question: in general, does any comedy have to be funny?
  • Starting as a sitcom about pirates, the series gradually turns into a harbor of deep and very sad drama about purpose, self-determination and the ability to express feelings. Whitey’s black beard is becoming a godsend for a psychotherapist, and their relationship with Steed Bonnet is rocking on such emotional swings that you can’t expect from a seemingly easy adventure comedy.
  • So is it worth spending time on “Our flag means death”? If you want to burst out laughing for more than five hours, that’s unlikely. Are you expecting something like a mix of “Real Vampires” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”? Already warmer, but also a controversial choice. But fans of such Whitey’s works as “Jojo’s Rabbit” and “Wild Hunt”, the series should definitely be to your liking.

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