“Ways Unspeakable” Face soared to the top 2 of the Apple Music chart

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In the top 10 was also “Sincere” – the effect of Yuri Dud.

Face’s “Unspeakable Ways” climbed to the second line of the Apple Music album chart. Along with him, last year’s “Sincere” was in the top 10, and “Slime” in the top 15.

“12” and “Krazy” also received an influx of auditions – now they are on lines 29 and 51, respectively.

Judging by data Mooscle, the rise took place on the day of the interview – before that, “Ways” did not even get into the top 100. “Sincere” did not fall below 58 positions for a long time and also received many new streams on Monday.

The album became one of the topics in a new interview with rapper Yuri Dudy. In the video, the interviewer called it a great political statement: “At the time, it looked incredibly raw and straightforward, as if a person had decided to shout. Now it sounds different, time has changed him into a rich, whole side.”

Face himself told about the long resentment of listeners after the release: “Whatever I do, I’m still the object of mass hatred. And when I released the album [“Пути неисповедимы”]there was a lot of hatred from the intelligentsia and just from people, it all upset me – and here it is [альбом] “Slime”, more commercial, I wrote on this very aggression “ah, you’re with me, I’ll be on the charts again now”. That’s how “Slime” and “Humorist” turned out <...> I think “Ways” is a classic protest hip-hop album. “

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