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After all, people are much more accustomed to land and closer. As you know, sea obey only the brave. Storms, sharks and other troubles are a real expanse for the adventure and action genre. We are talking about 10 films in which sea or the ocean plays an important role.


Frame from the movie

Frame from the movie “Water Life”, dir. Wes Anderson

There have always been complex relationships between man and nature. Man understood the laws of nature, learned to survive and extract its resources. Man has also learned to enjoy nature, to love it. That was Tammy’s relationship with the ocean. She played yachting and planned to travel around the world with her fiancé. But what is nature to man, to his love. And the ocean reminded Tammy of her place – a hurricane caught Tammy and her lover by surprise. The yacht is barely afloat, all communication has disappeared, and with it the food supplies. All that is left is the water desert around.

About such nature, which reminds a person of his place, and is already shooting a film by an Icelandic director . And once again relies on real events. This time he is filming the memoirs of the participant in the disaster Tammy Ashcraft. For her, as well as for Cormacour, who is also a professional yachter, water is the beginning of everything, but water is doom. Water, seas, oceans occupy a special place in cinema. They appear as a separate world, as an occasion for adventure. Here at Cormacour, water remains a part of nature to which man, as millions of years ago, is still helpless.

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Another real story that happened to the Essex whaling ship in the first half of the 19th century. Another example of how the element overtakes man. Another open question. How to survive among the relentless waves. How to survive without water and food. How to get to land. But above all – how far can human stubbornness and thirst for profit go. The ocean is full of dangers, and the waves are not the worst of them. Ahead of the whalers awaits the main culprit of the trip – a sperm whale. And the latter does not intend to become their prey.

This incredible story once inspired Melville to create the ingenious “Moby Dick”, but it was more a mythology of what happened. Writer Nathaniel Filbrick undertook to rewrite it, and in 2000 his novel was published, In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Essex Whaler. He is the basis of the film’s script. In addition, “In the heart of the sea” is a great opportunity to remember that not only does the Torah play much, but the whaling of it is successful.

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And again a plot based on real events, but this time no grooms and sperm whales, only observations, only science. However, no one believes this science yet. This is the story of how in 1947 Tour Heyerdahl, a Norwegian archaeologist and ethnographer, in proof of his theory of the migration of peoples, decides to travel across the Pacific Ocean on a raft built on ancient Inca technology. Nine logs and expanses of water that were so hastily called once “quiet.” But Heyerdahl is determined to prove his point to the scientific world.

The film’s producer, Jeremy Thomas, has had the idea of ​​filming since 1996, perhaps because by the time the film was made, it was the most expensive Norwegian production. But it was worth it. The spectacular footage was shot right in the ocean, and the film received honorary Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. The painting, like Heyerdahl’s journey, has become a kind of time machine, turning modern scientists and sailors into pre-Columbian South African aborigines crossing the ocean.

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Pi was still a teenager when the storm hit a ship on which he was moving from India to Canada with his parents and their zoo. And so Pi found himself on a small boat in the middle of the ocean, and with him – a hyena, an orangutan, a zebra and a tiger. That’s when the struggle for survival began. The laws of the high seas, the laws of an uninhabited island, the laws of the animal world are the laws that Pi must understand during this difficult journey.

On the account of the film’s director a variety of films, but most often he shoots stories of struggle with the environment and the inability to overcome their own nature. Once in the middle of the ocean, Pi finds himself face to face with wildlife and himself. The water around is just an aggravating circumstance, as the cowboy community once was in the film or Bruce Brenner ‘s sudden past in . But not only. The water surface, the water element, the mysterious island is also a fascinating spectacle, so “Life of Pi” is a film that, of course, claims the title of one of the most spectacular pictures of the XXI century.

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In addition to the elements and the incredible landscape, the seas and oceans until the middle of the twentieth century – this is also the most important world highway. They are being plowed by pioneers in search of unknown lands and new islands, important cargoes are being transported from country to country, trade routes are being established, and wars are unfolding on their indifferent blue surface. This is what the “Master of the Seas” tells us. The Napoleonic Wars are in full swing, the French navy is attacking British ships, and the Surprise frigate is heading straight for the French Acheron. But, of course, the confrontation is not limited to everything, because both ships are headed to one of the most dangerous water points – Cape Horn.

As in the beauty of the landscape in the film is not in last place, not for nothing the director of the picture is an Australian , who certainly knows a thing or two about natural beauty. Here in the film, the decisive battles unfold against a strange background. But even without that, Captain James Aubrey performed sets the right degree of drama: not only his fighting and team skills, but also playing the violin, which gives a subtle mental organization. Moreover, not only the hero, but also the actor, who specially for the film learned to perform musical parts.

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Did not pass by the amazing sea world and its bizarre inhabitants and the most important dreamer of modern cinema – . His films are always easy to recognize by their bizarre style. Static shots filled with an abundance of details, colorful costumes, an amazing palette, strange heroes that are nowhere to be found. Frustrated and charming, they set out on adventures: the children of hotel manager in three brothers in or in the movie “Water Life” – oceanographer Steve Zissu, his wife Eleanor, a pregnant journalist and Ned.

Steve has a goal – he set out to find the killer shark that killed him during his friend’s last expedition. But in fact, Steve is running from his own problems. Anderson’s favorite , who plays Zissu, plays a tired and melancholic hero who, with the same facial expression, accepts the sharpest pain and the most incredible miracles. And although it looks like a funny and loving parody of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, he is a hero of the Anderson world from head to toe. Now also underwater.

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Perhaps the most minimalist film about how a person encounters the rage of the elements and saves his own life, being in the middle of the ocean on a wrecked yacht. There is only one character in the film, and he hardly speaks, except with himself. There is one more letter in the bottle in the movie. One yacht. One Pacific Ocean. A screen world the size of a desperate wanderer only exacerbates the sensations of what is happening. Exacerbates the horror and hopelessness, loneliness and courage of man before the elements.

Director and screenwriter of the film takes as a basis the legendary story of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, and as a support completes the image of a lone fisherman in the middle of the sea with expressive musical accompaniment. The music of composer Alex Ebert is important because it allows you to empathize and read the emotions of the hero without words. The performer of the main and only role also helps in this . For him, the film becomes a real professional challenge. And Radford is doing great with it, eventually receiving a number of honorary nominations. It’s funny that the shooting of the film took place in the same place as the shooting , although it is difficult to find more dissimilar films. However, there is no ocean water before that. One storm is equally dangerous for the Titanic and for a lone fisherman.

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This is a story about Captain Phillips, who bravely guarded the ship, about Somali pirates, about valuable cargo, but more importantly – about the value of human life. Phillips plays the role in the film . This is not the first time he has played a man who is committed to the duty of service, but is forced to show the courage to survive in difficult circumstances. IN Released in 2000, Hanks played a FedEx employee who went to deliver parcels to recipients, but his plane crashed, and the protagonist turned into a modern Robinson Crusoe, living on an uninhabited island for 4 years. In 2013, Captain Phillips came to the defense of an entire cargo ship, a huge container ship going from Oman to Kenya.

Based on real events, the film comes out just 4 years after the real Captain Phillips is released from pirate captivity. Master of intense action who also filmed “Lost Flight” and creates a real thriller, and modern pirates are far from the charm of Jack Sparrow.

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If anyone deserves to participate in films about the water element, it is the Coast Guard. Coast to coast is discord, many of them impassable, and the Chatham coast of Massachusetts is just that. That’s where the Pendleton tanker crashed. A local rescue team goes to rescue people from the wrecked ship, while city residents watch in horror as the operation progresses.

The sea is insidious enough that there was no need to invent plots – they all happened in reality. Here is the story of Bernard Webber, who led a rescue expedition, a native of the real Chatham of 1952. Moreover, at the time of filming, some participants in the operation were still alive. And even the melodramatic line – with Webber’s bride, who was waiting for him on the shore – is pure truth. This truth is taken as a basis by the director and creates spectacular action, full of expressive special effects and splashes.

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This storm is called the ideal. Its conditions converge in such a way that they aggravate the scale of the catastrophe. In 1991, Atlantic Canada and the northern states met a real beast off their shores. A team of Gloucester fishermen also meets him. They set off at the end of the fishing season in the hope of spending some more money, and then they are overtaken by a downpour.

The story of the ship “Andrea Gale” is the basis of the plot of the film, which became a classic of the 2000s. plays the role of Captain Billy Secret, it is he who beats the fishermen on the last outing of the season. All of them will have to face the consequences of the decision. It is impossible to accurately reconstruct what happened, but it is possible to recreate the feeling of horror. Here, like nowhere else, the power of water, the power of the waves, sounds with all its might. This is the absolute anthem of the sea element. It’s not even a human tragedy, it’s the beauty of this storm. He is truly perfect, self-sufficient and self-forgotten. And every human tragedy is simply lost against the background of such a majestic element.

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