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Warsaw: “Zakharova thinks she is valuable to the theater. Its actors can’t stand it! ”

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Since then, Khudruk and the artist have been accusing each other of all sins. Zakharova claims that she is being oppressed in Lenkom: she was deprived of leading roles, her salary was not paid, and Warsaw says that Alexandra turned everyone against herself.

“She is a cheeky ugly lady. Behaves ugly, unworthy. He comes to the theater and talks rudely to people. He does not greet many. And our artists appreciate the director. In December, Alexandra Markovna received a lot of money – the thirteenth salary. The theater paid for it, ”Warsaw said.

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According to Mark Borisovich, the 59-year-old actress receives royalties, she has the opportunity to play on stage (Alexandra Markovna is involved in four productions). “No one took away any of her roles. Zakharova is lying. Just as you can lie and lie. All the actors can’t stand it. She is no longer an artist, but a lady. She believes that if we have a second team, then her roles are being stolen. That’s what she says to artists. She is not shy. He thinks it is of some value to the theater. Unfortunately, no more. There are other wonderful and talented artists who are the stars of “Lenkom”, – added the director of the institution.

But the actress insists that Warsaw has crushed the theater under itself. It will be recalled that Mark Borisovich became the head of Lenkom after the death of Mark Zakharov in 2019. It was then, as his daughter noted, that riots broke out in the institution.

don’t miss itMark Warsaw responded to Alexandra Zakharova’s attacks: “It’s ugly to lie. She discredits her father “

“My father was anxious to communicate with Mark Borisovich, he tried to distance himself and limit himself exclusively to official matters. When Warsaw came to our house, my father tried to discuss what was necessary and say goodbye as soon as possible… The current director of our theater looks like one of the heroes of Schwartz’s play “Shadow”. For forty years he stood behind his father, and now he has taken over one of the best theaters and in two years has turned it into a stationary enterprise… “- said Alexandra Markovna.

Actress Lyudmila Porgina sided with Zakharova. She also said that Warsaw removed her name from the billboards and stopped listing a decent salary.

Khudruk himself does not deny that Nikolai Karachentsov’s widow does not appear in the theater, but receives the money. “We paid her family 250,000 rubles for 13 years while Karachentsov was alive. Porgina belittles the merits of the theater and forgets good deeds. She does not work practically, but receives 53 thousand a month. Now it’s 50 percent of what she used to earn, “said the 75-year-old Warsaw.

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