Want to move to medieval Tallinn? The premiere of the film “Pharmacist Melchior” will take place next week

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The grand premiere will take place on Monday, April 11, at 6:30 pm at the Apollo Cinema in downtown Solaris. Feature film from April 15Pharmacist Melchior”Will be released in cinemas throughout Estonia, but a limited number of previews have been included in the programs since Monday evening.

A series of novels consisting of seven books Indreka Hargla about the pharmacist Melchior won the love of readers both in Estonian and in translation into other languages. The books have been published in seven languages: Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Latvian, German and English. International rental of the new film is also planned.

Introducing the film, director Elmo Nyuganen said: “If you want to relax from the modern rhythm of life, distract yourself from the news and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the golden age Tallinnjust follow Melchior and Indrek Hargla. ”

According to Nuganen, the feature film is not a film adaptation of the book, but is based on an original screenplay co-written with Indrek Hargla and Olle Mirme: “Compared to the book, the film has surprises. For example, Melchior in the film is younger than in the novel – he is just beginning his career as an assistant to the vogt and detective. Pharmacist Melchior is at the beginning of the road, and in the film we will see the story of his formation.

Filming for “Pharmacist Melchior” began in the summer of 2020. To create a typical medieval Tallinn setting, special filming locations have been set up in several locations in Tallinn and Harjumaain Narva and Purtse in Ida-Virumaain Halyala and Wao in Lääne-Virumaaon Saaremaa, as well as in Latvia. The opening scene of the film was shot in Swedish waters aboard a medieval Hanseatic kogga.

According to Nyuganen, the film takes place in medieval Tallinn, but, for example, the events in Toompea filmed in Narva Fortress: “And the scenes with the lifting gate, we even filmed in the fortress Kuressaare. With the help of local businessmen, the latticed gates of the fortress were restored for filming, and they still work today. ” In addition to Tallinn, the film also features other Hanseatic cities – Narva and Tartu.

“Pharmacist Melchior” is a full-length 97-minute feature film. The second and third films of the trilogy will also be released this year:

  • 19.08.2022 – premiere of the painting “Pharmacist Melchior. Ghost ”
  • 14.10.2022 – premiere of the painting “Pharmacist Melchior. The Executioner’s Daughter

The plot of “Pharmacist Melchior”

  • Director: Elmo Nyuganen
  • Starring: Merten Metsaviir, Maaria Johanna Mägi, Alo Kyrve, Hennessy Schmidt, Franz Malmsten, Andero Ermel, Ken Ruutel, Mait Malmsten, Hendrik Toompere, Marco Matvere
  • Producers: Taska Film, Nafta Films, Apollo Film Productions, HansaFilm
  • Co-producers: Maze Productions (Germany), Film Angels Productions (Latvia), InScriptLithuania)
  • Support: Estonian Film Institute, Ministry of Culture, Virus Film Fund, Saarte Fond, Tartu Film Fund, Capital of Estonian Culture, National Film Center of Latvia, Riga Film Fund, Lithuanian tax incentive, Creative Europe MEDIA, Creative Europe MEDIA, Kanal2 and Apollo TV

In medieval Tallinn, a famous knight of the Order is killed, who saved the Baltic Sea from pirates. The knight was found beheaded. His mouth is full of coins. The gold chain he had bought on the day of his death was gone.

Vogt appoints a pharmacist, Melchior, who can talk to the dead, to investigate the crime. The talented young man discovers that the murdered man was looking for a mysterious “Tallinn prisoner” and traces lead to the Dominican monastery, where the series of murders begins – in mortal danger, anyone who encountered this mystery.

At the same time, the pharmacist begins to doubt his student, who seems to be hiding something…

The trilogy about the pharmacist Melchior is based on a series of famous best-selling novels. In the first film, screenwriters Indrek Hargla, Elmo Nyuganen and Olle Mirme included celebrities from the book “Pharmacist Melchior and the Mystery Oleviste”Heroes in several unexpected events, adding new twists to the plot.

The film was directed by Elmo Nyuganen (“Names in Granite”, “1944”). Responsible for production: Taska Film (“O2”, “Fred Jussi. The Beauty of Being”, “Winter”, “Alumni Meeting”, “Names in Granite”, “1944”), Nafta Films (“O2”), Supilinna Secret Society ”), Apollo Film Productions (“ Winter ”,“ Old Man’s Film ”,“ Swamp ”) and HansaFilm (“ Truth and Justice ”).

The trilogy of films about the pharmacist Melchior is the result of joint work of Estonian, German, Latvian and Lithuanian cinematographers, co-produced by Maze Productions from Germany, Film Angels Productions from Latvia and InScript from Lithuania. Cinematographer – Michel Soe, artist – Mathis Miaesalu, editing by Marion Koppel, composer – Lina Sumera, special effects director – Jan Vilius.

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