Vyacheslav Voskresensky is rapidly losing his health

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The star of the movie “Finist – the clear falcon” suffered a stroke.

Vyacheslav Voskresensky’s life is in danger. The bill is not for days, but for hours. The actor no longer understands the speech addressed to him and can not eat on their own.

“It turns out that he no longer understands speech and does not eat on his own. And my transfers fed the whole department, but not himself. He has impaired swallowing reflex function and receives food through a catheter. The doctor said it was forever, “said Voskresensky’s daughter in a conversation with E1.RU.

It all happened during a planned operation – the actor suddenly had a stroke. The consequences were irreversible. Now Voskresensky is paralyzed and needs special care. To do this, he must be transferred to a rehabilitation center.

However, this is not yet possible. Relatives are afraid to drive in an ordinary car, and do not allocate a specialized one.

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