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Volochkova, who fled the capital, caused a daze

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Not everyone was delighted with the transformation of the celebrity.

Anastasia Volochkova shocked fans with her appearance, going to St. Petersburg. She shared the relevant publication on her personal Telegram channel.

In a short video, the ballerina appears in a snow-white fur coat and sandals against the snowdrifts of the Northern capital. According to fans, the image of the celebrity puzzled them, because the weather in the city does not exactly match the open shoes, and things do not match.

“No clothes left?” Why does she look like that? ”,“ Oh my God, Nastya, did you confuse boots with sandals? ”,“ In holes, in sandals … And in a fur coat ”,“ 20-centimeter summer sandals and a white fur coat. The feeling that she is the first thing that falls out of the closet, puts on, “- share their views of Internet users.

Many also remembered the rumors about the artist’s bad habits. According to fans, Volochkova chooses such images because she prefers to gather drunk.

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