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Volochkova was once again disgraced

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Fans are worried about the health of the ballerina.

It’s time for Anastasia Volochkova to turn to stylists. The ballerina is definitely not able to choose her own clothes. The other day she shocked the public in her own way. For the trip to St. Petersburg, Anastasia clearly lost her clothes.

Volochkova decided to wear a fur coat, leaky jeans and sandals. In all this splendor, she appeared against the backdrop of a snow-covered track.

Anastasia Volochkova: social networks

“Such a winter on the way to St. Petersburg,” Anastasia signed the video.

Subscribers did not understand such a strange image of the ballerina and doubted her psychological health.

“Oh my God, Nastya, did you confuse boots with sandals?”, “20-centimeter summer sandals and a white fur coat.” Such a feeling that she is the first to fall out of the closet, and puts it on “,” You can pull a man out of the village, but the village out of a man – never “,” Why are you wearing sandals? “,” Fur coat more years than Nastya herself. No style, no taste! I got such an impression that I was in the house, ”the followers were indignant in the comments.

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