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Volochkova shocked the public with an intimate photo

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Judging by the photo, the ballerina is still “in active search”.

Anastasia Volochkova not jokingly angered her subscribers. The ballerina posted a hot photo on her Instagram page. Volochkova stands in front of the camera in a black peignoir and covers intimate places with her hand.

“I often find out information that has been invented and invented about me, and I am amazed. How sophisticated the imagination of many. And most often, people who do not know a person personally and do not know him at all take the courage to judge, condemn, slander and point out how to live or with whom and what to do. Let’s be kind to each other. In communication and deeds, ”Volochkova told her Instagram followers.

However, the public did not appreciate such a mental impulse of the ballerina. Volochkov was immediately attacked in the comments and the ballerina was condemned for her appearance. And some even compared her to a light-hearted girl.

“From this angle, the light of the soul is better seen”, “Who knows the price, tell me, please”, “The roof has completely moved. Show your naked ass “,” I do not represent Maya Plisetskaya in lingerie with falling out tits “- the subscribers commented on the candid photo.

Anastasia Volochkova herself did not react to the comments of followers.

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