Vodonaeva crashed out of the show “Stars in Africa”

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One of the most scandalous participants left the project.

The second season of the show for survival “Stars in Africa” ​​continues. This time TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva dropped out. The star failed to pass the decisive test that would help her survive in the project.

Another candidate to drop out of the reality show was actor Vyacheslav Chepurchenko. To pass the test, Alena took comedian Oleg Vereshchagin as her partner. The star hoped that he would help her complete the task, but miscalculated. Vodonaeva regrets that she had to leave the show. But the young participants of the project were very happy, as they considered her the main instigator of scandals.

“Anger, shame, shame – a whole range of feelings and emotions are not very good. I believe that this task could have been done, “Alena said on the TV channel.TNT».

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