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In an interview with Arig Us, the leader of the Chaif ​​band, Vladimir Shahrin, explained why concert tours are needed after 60 years.

When you are in your seventies, the road becomes a difficult part of your work. But concerts, meetings with the public compensate for everything. When you go on stage and do your favorite thing, you are incredibly energized – for these 2.5 hours you feel young, full of energy, still with curls on your head.

We really like our work. In this respect, “Chaif” is a unique team: it was not going to be professional, because we were all friends, and at the moment almost a family. There are better musicians than we are, but I don’t need other musicians on stage. I want to be with friends.

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In 2023, the Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy will show the riverok-musical, which will be based on the songs of the group “Chaif”.

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