Vladimir Maltsev’s book was published in Yoshkar-Ola

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Vladimir Maltsev’s book “Words are like coals in the palm of your hand “, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the republican newspaper.

The new book still smells like typographic paint. Almost three hundred pages of truth about the “Mari truth”. Numerous photo illustrations undoubtedly decorated it, reminded of the people who made the newspaper and make it today.

The author is a journalist-professional in education and experience of practical newspaper work, himself a former Marpravdin, who worked for many years in the editorial staff. Honored Journalist of the Republic of Mari El, awarded the gold medal of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, honorary badges “Fourth Power. For services to the press “and” For services to the city of Yoshkar-Ola. ” Vladimir Maltsev has gone from an ordinary correspondent, executive secretary of the newspaper to the editor-in-chief of this publication and now, retired, participates in the life of the publication, is a member of the public council “MP”.

The book covers the main stages of the newspaper’s formation and a significant part of the life of its editorial staff in different periods. “Marpravda” has always enjoyed great authority and popularity among readers: in other periods its circulation exceeded 70 thousand copies! The newspaper was delivered to every house, to every labor collective.

The author speaks with love and warmth, sympathy and respect about the tireless work of many organizational, creative, technical and leading editorial staff, who in different years prepared materials for the newspaper, ensuring its daily publication. For a long time, the newspaper came to the reader six days a week with the latest news and current analytical texts. The story of the history of the newspaper, important milestones in the history of the republican publication, the working day is sometimes interspersed with comic life stories, journalistic fables, newspaper curiosities.

It tells about numerous assistants and friends, as well as opponents of the newspaper. The author’s thoughts on the relationship between the newspaper and the government, which he called a “kiss through the veil”, of course, will not be to everyone’s liking. But the newspaper, as you know, is not a gingerbread to please everyone. The author himself emphasizes that, without claiming the truth in the last resort, he expressed only his own impressions and feelings, his attitude to people and events, which he witnessed and participated in, conveyed his personal, perhaps subjective and overly emotional judgments. This is his truth about his favorite newspaper.

This book is a confession of a veteran of the press. It is largely encyclopedic: names, dates, facts, figures, events, archival materials, photo illustrations… And journalistic: in each line – the identity of the author, his emotions, relationships. And all this is conveyed in a Maltese way “tasty”: juicy, bright, figurative, in some places – with humor, irony and self-irony.

I think the book will be interesting not only for veterans who are nostalgic for their own youth and time working together at Marpravda. This is important for the history of the republican periodicals and the editorial board of the main republican publication, as well as the memory of those selfless workers of pen and print, writing documentary history of the country and the republic, who tried to tell the truth to readers in the newspaper.

This is important for young employees, who need to know the history of their publication and remember that Marpravdinets – it sounds proud.

I am sure that the book will be of interest to a wide range of readers, including those related to the newspaper business, students who know the basics of journalism. By the way, It can be purchased at the Press House, in the editorial office of Mariyska Pravda.

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