Vitorgan, who left the country, made a statement

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A few days ago, the actor and his wife flew to rest in Jurmala and got into an unpleasant situation.

Due to the difficult situation, many airlines stopped flying, and Emmanuel Vitorgan simply “stuck” in Jurmala, where he was going for just a few days to rest in the company of his beloved wife and children. In Instagram, Vitorgan spoke about the difficulties and noted that on March 8 he had to come to St. Petersburg. The Andrei Mironov National Figaro Prize is held annually in the Northern capital on this day. And Vitorgan, who did not miss the award for 11 years, this time failed to support his friends and event organizers.

Vitorgan’s complaints about the last-minute flight were met with sympathy on the Internet. And this is not surprising, because many Russians have also suffered from the sharp deterioration of the situation and the measures taken to “close the sky.” “It will be difficult to return now and with a few transfers,” lamented the comments on Vitorgan’s Instagram page.

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