Vitorgan did not remain silent about his return to Russia

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The celebrity was not delighted with the capital.

Emmanuel Vitorgan commented on his return to Moscow. The artist shared the corresponding post on his social networks.

A few weeks ago, the celebrity went on a long vacation with his wife and their daughters to Jurmala, where he has owned the house for many years. Many decided that the artist decided to leave Russia forever, but Vitorgan assured fans that he had just planned a vacation for himself and was going to spend the spring in a good climate. As a result, at the end of March the actor was in the capital, but the Moscow climate did not please him.

According to Vitorgan’s social media posts, one day he decided to go for a walk with his wife and children, but encountered snow. The rains almost ruined all the plans of the celebrities, but even a short video shows how much Vitorgan and his family got used to such weather while resting on the shores of the Gulf of Riga.

“Spring … It almost snowed,” the artist signed an unsuccessful walk in his blog.

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