Vitorgan attacked Mikhalkov because of a story about himself in the program “Besogon”

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Well-known artist Emmanuel Vitorgan reacted to rumors about his departure from Russia, saying he was in Moscow.

Emmanuel Vitorgan. Photo: Global Look Press

Famous artist Emmanuel Vitorgan recorded a video message refuting his departure from Russia against the background of world events.

He stated that he was going on holiday to Jurmala with his wife Irina New moon and daughters Ethel and Clara only for a while.

Now the whole family is in Moscow, where they returned, overcoming difficulties, as the air service between Latvia and Russia is closed.

“We had to return to Russia, crossing the border by car and on foot, among other things with small children, carrying heavy suitcases,” said in a microblog Emmanuel Vitorgan.

According to him, the actor was outraged by the plot in the program “Besogon” directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. Emmanuel Vitorgan called the information in it false.

“The editors of the Besogon program aired unverified and unreliable information, which provoked a wave of questions and negativity against my family and me.
I demand the refutation of the false information shown on the program “Besogon” about my departure, allegedly related to the beginning of the special operation! I want to tell you that I have lived in Russia all my life and continue to live here, ”concluded Emmanuel Vitorgan.

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