Virtual paintings, animated sounds and a round table with business: how the III Festival of Creative Industries went

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On June 18 and 19, the School of Creative Industries of the branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, which is located in the Yunost Park in Kaliningrad, hosted the III Festival of Creative Industries Art & Play. For two days, the park became a concentration of modern art and design, science and interactive technologies.

The first graduating school became an important and solemn part of the event. And here it is necessary to tell not only about pride which teachers feel for students, but also about children. The school graduated 111 students who presented their projects. This year the organizers were inspired by the history of the Russian avant-garde. So technical progress, space, the city and people of the future, music of electromagnetic waves and performative practices were taken as an ideological basis of projects of graduates.

The exhibition with projects of students of the School of Creative Industries worked for two days of the festival. The expositions at the exhibition resembled museums in their structure, so that visitors were able to fully immerse themselves in the works of the authors and recharge with the energy of the Russian avant-garde.

“This year’s works are conceptual, meaningful and professional. There are so many projects that children have worked on that showing absolutely everything is an impossible task. But we presented the main works in their diversity, ”says the artistic director and acting director. creative producer Anna Polyakova.

According to her, the school’s task is also for graduates to have the opportunity to enter business and become part of the creative sector of Kaliningrad.

The round table “Creative solutions in business” was devoted to this topic. Together they discussed successful and unsuccessful situations and the search for creative solutions in them. The moderators of the round table, organized with the Krespektiva Foundation, were Yulia Aleinikova, director of the RGISI branch in Kaliningrad, and Anton Glushkov, an urban planner and chief architect of the city of Sochi (2020-2022).

The round table showed how important creative decisions are in business. The meeting was the first step towards cooperation with the sharks of the regional business community, helped the School of Creative Industries to find partners and identify ways of possible cooperation with them. It is important to give the School graduates a chance to take the first steps, to try their hand in the field of creative industries, while staying in the region.

It was planned that the dialogue will be continued in cooperation with the Gusev School of Creative Industries.

Sonya Krushina is a graduate of the School of Creative Industries, she studied in a design studio.

“At the festival, the task of our group was to organize the event, the organization. We created banners, leaflets, made volunteer badges, came up with stickers, – says Sonya. – Studying at school was an interesting experience for me. To the question, to enter the School or not, I will answer “yes”. If you are interested in creativity, it will be a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and meet like-minded friends. Class teachers are ready to implement all your ideas and help in their implementation. “

A series of open master classes was also held as part of the festival. In the design studio, the guys and their teacher Polina Lisevich studied the basics of printed graphics and created modern posters, and in the studio of photographer Tatiana Sabenina they learned to take fashionable photos of non-random objects.

It seems that everything in the School was buzzing with energy. In one audience, you could draw a virtual picture, trying on VR glasses. Yes, it turns out that you can not only have fun in them, but also create by studying three-dimensional space. In another classroom, the children learned the basics of recording and processing sounds and noises, as well as the use of unusual musical instruments under the guidance of teacher and sound artist Danilo Akimov.

In the animation studio, objects came to life, and in the theatrical master class they trained to express emotions in movements.

The graduates of the School demonstrated plastic sketches and art objects on the street territory.

A particularly pleasant part of the program was the screening of an animated program, a short film program and a concert. Edyanfromhell, a graduate of the School of Sound Directing and Contemporary Electronic Music, Eduard Sudakov, a teacher at the School of Creative Industries, and the Kaliningrad band Hellomishel performed on the stage.

“It was probably our best festival. For several weeks we prepared intensively for it, and the efforts were not in vain. It was great to meet everyone together after a long period of pandemic. Everyone could become our guest and participate in the festival, see exhibitions and installations, – says Elena Gromova, director of the School of Creative Industries. – The festival has become an important platform for communication between teenagers, parents and teachers. During these two days, many boys signed up for our school, even before the opening of the official set, and we are happy about that. At school, we not only try to give children professional knowledge, but also help children reach their potential, teach them to understand their purpose in life, help determine where to move to become happier. We hope to become an effective link in the chain of continuing education, when a child from a comprehensive school comes to us, then continues his studies at a secondary or higher education institution, and then, choosing a path for himself, will do his favorite thing.

The III Festival of Creative Industries was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Foundation of Creative Industries of the Kaliningrad region “Krespektiva”, event agency, VGTRK16 +, channel “West 24” 16+, “Manufactories Max Price”, LaserTechShow.

What is SKI

The School of Creative Industries (SCI) in Kaliningrad is an educational center for teenagers, which implements general development programs and programs of additional professional education.

Children are engaged in groups of 10 people, visiting 6 studios equipped with modern equipment and the latest software:

  1. theater and theater technology,
  2. photo and video production,
  3. animation,
  4. design,
  5. interactive digital technologies,
  6. sound design and modern electronic music.

Training in SKI is designed for students from 12 to 17 years. The duration of the course in the program “Creative Technologies” – two years, in the program of the studio of theater and theater technologies “Synthesis” – three years

The first year students get acquainted with the device of each studio. The second year – in-depth study of the chosen direction, development of profile disciplines.

By the end of the training, students will present a completed author’s project, learn the basics of project work, learn to experiment and produce creative products.

Training is free.

How to get to school

The set will start on July 1. You can apply through site or by phone +7 (996) 52-25-996. There you can specify the conditions of admission to the school. Training starts in early September.

School contacts

Kaliningrad, st. Azovskaya, 4 (Youth Park)
+7 (996) 52-25-996
+7 (4012) 47-50-07

[email protected]

VKontakte: @ rgisi.baltic_school

Telegram: @rgisibalticschool

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