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Violent Valery Nikolaev can be transferred from a mental hospital to prison

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Actor Valery Nikolaev in early February he set out again for all the hardships. He was involved in an accident while intoxicated and was placed in solitary confinement, where he quarreled with his cellmate, accusing him of trying to boil the star alive in boiling water. When he was sent to another cell, he started barking and performing other even more shocking actions.

After that, the “bourgeois” from the famous series was suspected of mental illness and sent to a mental hospital for examination. One of these days, doctors will make their verdict on the patient’s health. After that, the celebrity will either be treated with full responsibility, or sent back to the Moscow “soft prison” on the Warsaw highway, to serve the prescribed administrative penalty of 15 days, knowingly writes Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Valery Nikolaev’s friends hope that he will be able to cope with the situation and return to normal life and creative activity. Prior to the scandal, the actor expressed a desire to make his own film, for which he took a loan, as well as bought a new car.

History repeats itself: Valery Nikolaev again arranged road accident

History repeats itself: Valery Nikolaev again arranged road accident


Besides, at 56-year-old Nikolaev eight months ago the son was born, and the parent has to feel responsibility for the child. And on March 21 he married his daughter from his first marriage to Irina Apeksimova. The girl tenderly loves her father and would like to see him at the celebration.

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