Vin Diesel will return to Paul Walker’s “Fast and Furious”

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The “family” franchise is starting to rock a tenth.

In their own social networks Vin Diesel spoke a little about the work on “Fast and Furious 10”. According to the actor, Mia Toretto was not originally planned in the film at all, but will eventually appear there. But Brian decided to add at the request of the actor’s mother.

And the request was granted, because Brian managed to become a legendary character in the franchise (especially if you remind him of almost every movie). By the way, Justin Lynn, the film’s director, back in 2008 discussed with Walker the finale of “Fast and Furious”. Perhaps this fact also influenced the desire to honor the memory of Paul Walker.

“When his daughter asked to take her to the altar, I cried, but I did it with honor and pride. When his mom asks for Brian back on screen … well, I don’t have to tell you how seriously I take it. “There would be no ‘Fast and Furious’ if it weren’t for the love and brotherhood between Dom and Brian, which originated in 2001,” said Vin Diesel.

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