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Villain Instinct: Sharon Stone will once again play an antagonist in the film adaptation of the breathing comic

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Sharon Stone I do not mind playing the villain again, but in another movie based on a comic book – “Blue Beetle”. Alas, some malevolent personalities have not forgotten about how Stone released harmful cosmetics in “Catwoman” starring Holly Berry. Yes, antagonists of this caliber were in 2004.

She will portray a certain Victoria Cord – a character specially created for the film. AND Raoul Trujillo (“Maya MS”) received the part of Conrad Carapax – this is a character from the comics; an archaeologist whose mind merged with the robot’s body.

Holo Mariduenya – the star of the series “Cobra Kai” – was the first to pass the casting and received the title role. He will play teenager Jamie Reyes, who received superpowers along with a set of alien armor. He is the first Latin American hero in the DC movie universe, and Warner Bros. releases the painting for wide distribution on August 18, 2023.

Angel Manuel Soto directs the film.

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