Videos of popular YouTube bloggers will be shown in Russian cinemas

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The Russian network of cinemas “Caro” has launched a project “Video bloggers in cinema”, which will show on the big screen new videos of popular YouTube bloggers. This was reported by representatives of the network told in the announcement on the official website.

The statement said that YouTube bloggers will be sharing their new videos with the company “in an exclusive format” and the movie network will be the first to show them on their sites. “Fans will have a chance to be the first to see the content of their favorite influencers on the big screen, without worrying about interruptions in social networks,” the film’s network said.

The project will support bloggers who have lost income due to restrictions on monetization on YouTube and other major sites, according to Caro. “In light of recent developments in restricting monetization on many popular channels for Russian users, we at Caro want to support the blogging community and invite leading bloggers from the capital and regions to collaborate,” said Olga Proskuryakova, vice president of the network. Caro “on marketing management.

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The first such show will be the premiere of the new issue of the roll-play show “Chicken Curry Dungeons” with showman Alexander Gudkov, actor Nikita Kukushkin, comedian Garik Kharlamov, blogger and musician BIG RUSSIAN BOSS and rapper SQWOZ BAB April 4 at the cinema center “Okt”. It will also include a meeting with participants and creators of the project.

Earlier, Nashe Kino announced that it was releasing films from the STV studio’s Golden Collection, Brat 2, Brat 2, Alesha Popovich and Tugarin Zmei, Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmei Gorynych, and others. ) against the background of the decision of Sony, Warner Bros., Disney and Paramount studios to suspend the release of new projects in Russia due to the “military special operation” * in Ukraine. And the Mosfilm film studio re-presented Eldar Ryazanov’s film “Service Novel” in cinemas.

* According to the request of Roskomnadzor, when preparing materials on a special operation in eastern Ukraine, all Russian media are obliged to use information only from official sources of the Russian Federation. We cannot publish materials in which the operation is called “attack”, “invasion” or “declaration of war”, if it is not a direct quote (Article 53 of the Federal Law on the Media). In case of violation of the requirement from the media, a fine of 5 million rubles may be imposed, and the publication may be blocked.

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