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“I continue to be a low-motivated intuitive optimist. I still think this bad dream will end sooner than we expect … Many will go back. I would like it when I have a desire to go there or here so that it is not burdened some problems, “Makarevich said at the beginning of the conversation about his departure for Israel.

He noted that nature tends to harmony and balance, and now “wild imbalance and disharmony.”

Andrei Makarevich noted that he never predicts emigration issues. It’s not in his character, he solves problems as they come in: “It would be physiologically difficult for me to be there now [в России. – Прим. ред.] to be. With all this atmosphere, propaganda, with all the awareness of what’s going on there. “

Andrei Makarevich cannot describe his feelings.

First, it’s an unnatural, unneeded war with my friends. Second, an incredible atmosphere when you can’t call a spade a spade. You can’t say “sky” but have to say “blue substance” “. […] My work is connected with the word, and I am deprived of the right to speak, to call things by their names. ”

He does not consider it necessary to explain his travels and relocations.

“If a person is not internally sure of something, he really wants to be supported. I have never felt this need. I allow myself to write something on social media. It’s two percent out of a hundred. Everyone says calm down. Everything and so everyone knows, “says Makarevich.

He commented on his remarks to the Russians: “I am quite an emotional person. I called someone the words they deserve.” He explained that the reaction was always the same – “Makarevich insulted the Russians again.” Although the musician noted that he insulted specifically those “who allowed themselves rudeness and silly remarks about those he loves”: “I do not mean all Russians, I am convinced that most of them understand and regret it. “.

About collective responsibility:

“Personally, I can’t say that I am somehow overwhelmed by it. There are things I can’t change. Thank you, dear government party. There can be no normal person for the mass murder of citizens, you know? I think it’s abnormal. “.

Makarevich spoke about the ideas of denazification of Ukraine as follows:

“I do not undertake to give advice. But Nazism exists in each country in different numbers. Russia is no exception. If I were asked, I would advise them to deal with their Nazism.”

Andrei Makarevich made no secret of the fact that 8 years ago he was friends with Vladimir Solovyov. Their friendship lasted a long time. Then he noticed that something was starting to happen to him. Now the artist thinks it was a “far-reaching installation”: “It’s easier to quarrel with people than to reconcile.” He is convinced that it is possible to do what Soloviev is doing only if you really think so.

Video: Interview with Andrei Makarevich

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