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“I am sitting in my child’s nursery for the second day. I periodically hug new things that I bought her to make her happy at the meeting,” Milyavskaya began her speech.

Lolita said that her 79-year-old mother and daughter have been in the bomb shelter for two days after the microstroke.

“My daughter cried for two days. Yesterday she told me, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to die.’

I have the only request, or rather – a cry. Please open the humanitarian corridor so that civilians can leave the country during this “operation” … Let the elderly, children, women and anyone who does not want to take part in it come out.

Please do something. It’s in your power, “said the singer.

Earlier, Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky addressed Russian citizens on social networks. She posted a video of the shelling of Ukrainian cities.

We will remind, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin on the night of February 24 declared the beginning of military special operation in Donbass. The sky over Ukraine is closed, the country is under martial law. Russian troops are attacking Ukraine, striking military infrastructure throughout the country. In Kiev, the missiles hit a high-rise building. The RUS TVNET portal tells the main thing about the situation text online broadcast.

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