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About Vaikul and Lobod

“I was so shocked by Lyma’s reaction,” Danilko told Vaikula about his call to the bomb shelter.

She called … We have some kind of human relationship with her – not like an artist with an artist. I have a human attitude towards her. She was so … the word “anxious” doesn’t even fit here. It was all so emotional that it seemed I was calmer than she was, ”the artist recalls.

Andrei added that Vaikule noticed in the conversation that he could come to her at any time and there would always be a place for him in her house. The artist was so moved that Lyme called him, although there was almost no connection in the bomb shelter.

On March 1, Laima Vaikule contacted her subscribers and said that she had called her musician, who is in Kyiv. The star was worried and made an anti-war statement.

Andrei Danilko made no secret of the fact that famous people from Russia also called him. However, there were few of them – only three or four people.

“These were calls from such artists who could not do anything in this situation. Of course, they are opponents of all this,” – said Danilko, adding that it was those stars who called him, and banned concerts in Russia, so these people do not keep silent about the war in Ukraine. Andrew does not say their names, so as not to substitute. For example, one of the artists has already been banned from holding concerts only because she posted a black square on Instagram.

As for Svetlana Loboda’s video address with tears, Danilko noticed that he felt a kind of falsehood. But it’s his personal feeling: “Maybe you liked it. Maybe people were impressed. But it seemed fake to me.” His opinion is that the fact that Loboda is helping refugees is not heroism now, but a normal thing.

“Do you know who Natella Krapivina’s dad is? He can probably buy Riga. What are we talking about …” Andrei Danilko added in response to Krapivina’s criticism of his remarks about Svetlana’s video.

He does not consider the video of Loboda, taken on the phone while buying food and basic necessities for refugees from Ukraine, beautiful: “Why is this shooting?”. It seems to Danilko that when you do good deeds, it should not be fixed, but it is only his personal opinion. He does not question Loboda’s talent, he just thinks it’s a bit fake.

We will remind, on March 22 the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda posted on the Instagram page the video from Latvia. In it, the actress admitted that she has been traveling to European cities for two weeks, visiting volunteer centers and helping people. In the video, the singer was shopping in a Riga supermarket.

About Riga and Pauls

Andrei Danilko confessed his love for Riga.

“I adore Riga,” he said, noting that he enjoys drinking coffee at the Italian restaurant Felicita, where you can buy wine from the vineyards of legendary pop singer Al Bano.

Most of all, Danilko likes to go to the Old Town early in the morning, stay in his favorite restaurant, sit and drink espresso slowly.

Andrei likes Riga more than Jurmala, because you can hide from all artists and photographers here.

He has fond memories of buying two CDs of Raymond Pauls, who treats him well. Then Danilko performed at the Maestro’s anniversary. He approached and asked to sign the purchased discs.

“Andrei, do you have nowhere to put your money?” Pauls asked him.

Danilko stressed that Raymond Pauls is not only a “cool composer”, but also a good man with amazing self-irony.

Video: Interview with Andrei Danilko

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