“Very bad”: Beard caught a dangerous disease

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The TV presenter is in poor health.

Borodino has been in trouble for the past few months. The other day the presenter admitted that her health had deteriorated sharply. According to Xenia, it looks like a virus.

“Guys, hike, now a rotavirus outbreak. Do you have a situation, norms ?! I was very ill for 2 days… Even the drip didn’t help right away … Acquaintances write that somewhere whole schools were closed, ”Borodina wrote in her Telegram channel.

Ksenia Borodina also spoke about the consequences of the coronavirus. The TV presenter admitted that she began to suffer from insomnia.

«I went to bed at 5 am, got up at 2:05 pm! I was almost blown away when I saw the time on the clock, “Ksenia wrote.

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