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Vera Brezhneva, who fled to Italy, cried out in indignation at the revealed meanness

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Singer Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

For the last month, Vera Brezhnev has been at the center of scandals. At first, the Ukrainian singer almost spat at Russia, where she lived in recent years and earned millions. Then the vocalist flew to Italy and from there began to sympathize with the people of Ukraine. And the other day it became known that the actress, despite her statements, seems to be ready to sing in front of rich Russians for an impressive fee.

Vera Brezhneva decided to comment on the accusations against him. The celebrity stressed that talking about her performances at private corporate millionaires is a lie.

“Fake information about me is already appearing on the Internet. You are thinking and adequate for me. Please filter the information you read and see. Don’t be fooled by this!” cried Vera in indignation.

We will note, earlier it became known that Brezhnev is ready to speak to wealthy Russians for a hefty fee. In particular, as the director of the singer Sergei Smetanin told reporters, his ward will not be embarrassed that the customer is Russian. “Our usual fee is 50,000 euros. But now, taking into account the exchange rate, we can discuss 40,000 euros on hand,” the director said.

Vera herself admitted that she has been living in Italy for a month. It is not known exactly where the singer who fled to Europe is. She has a luxurious house in Forte dei Marmi. The actress is also the mistress of a mansion in a quiet place on the shores of Lake Garda.

According to realtors, each villa costs from two million euros. Both houses are made in light colors, which is quite logical for hot Italy. Brezhnev said she was studying Italian. Probably, the pop star wants to become a full-fledged inhabitant of the European province as soon as possible.

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