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Vasilieva’s ex-husband named the reason for the divorce

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For 30 years, the actor hid the truth about life with the actress.

Georgy Martirosyan has been married to Tatiana Vasilieva for 12 years. All this time, the couple did not let go of problems, including household ones. Tatiana Grigorievna was engaged only in herself, and she had neither the time nor the desire for a home, and skills, in fact, too.

Martirosyan had to drag life on himself. Fortunately, his mother did not leave the young family alone with problems.

“I always raked the road to make it convenient for Tatiana Grigorievna to work. That is, he took on a huge number of problems. When we started our family life, she didn’t know much, she couldn’t. My mother was very kind to her and taught me how to cook some delicacies, “said the actor in the film. “I fight on the spot” on TVC.

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