“Vanechka, you need to eat mushrooms”

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Face gave an interview to Dudu and walked on Alisher – that’s the answer.

Morgenstern replied to Face telegram channel – this is his reaction for an interview with Duduwhere he spoke a lot and not very pleasantly about Alisher.

What Morgenstern says:

“Vanechka, it’s time for you to eat mushrooms. You see the world flat, *****, in 2-D. Here you have black or white. There is no other. It’s ***** stupid – the world must be seen from all sides You are either bad or good.

You announce that you are resuming concert activities, negotiating and trying to arrange to perform. And when you realize that *** you will be allowed to speak – *********** and you start watering “oh, what a bad government.”

About tracks, I’m generally silent *****. You gain an audience of your devotee fans who love your music, and deprive them ***** of the opportunity to listen to (applaud) your music.

“I was silent for a long time.” And why was he silent for a long time? Because I thought that concerts would be allowed. That’s why you were silent for a long time. On the contrary, *****. Ugh, ***** “.

And the last message on the channel looks like this – “You are no different from the categorical people who chase with the letter Z. Only you chase with the letter D.”

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