Valya Carnival struck by stupidity, failing an easy test on the show “Stars in Africa”

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The fifth issue of “Stars in Africa” ​​showed what a generation of bloggers is capable of. If last week the young participants could not answer a single geographical question about the country in which they are now, this time it turned out that there is not even basic logic. As a result, the whole detachment was left without food, failing two tests in a row due to the fault of Tiktokersh Vali Carnival and Vali Pokrov. In the case of the latter, the task was to solve a simple mathematical problem and then catch the resulting number of fish in a small inflatable pool. Veil did not cope with the task, crying from his awkwardness. However, allegedly hungry participants still tried to support her.

Spanish shame

But the real surprise was Valya Carnival. Together with four other participants, she went to the test, where she had to get a star out of each box full of insects, snakes, larvae or mice. The challenge was to be able to pull the key along the rope entangled between the two fasteners inside and pass it to the next partner through the side hole. Valya closed the top five, and it was a huge strategic mistake. Instead of moving the key along the rope to the finish point, she for some reason pulled the rope itself, not moving forward. As a result, time passed, and the blogger had no choice but to cry. However, this is her favorite pastime.

Down with Valya Carnival

After such a shameful failure, Natalia Rudova described the Carnival quite correctly: “She’s hypertrophied all the time. I think Vali just has such an obvious lack of attention, and people with a lack of attention are constantly doing their best to get attention. Otherwise, they feel very lonely or unnecessary.”. Outraged viewers, who were tired of the girl’s feigned emotions, wrote about the same thing on the Internet. According to them, the season has turned into eternal suffering and complaints that are impossible to watch.

– The first season – wherever it went, well, the second – such nonsense, nowhere else, recruited stupid children, they want everything, but at the same time everyone does not do a horseradish, a vacuum in the head, all sorts of plots

– Complete nonsense. Valya is hysterical. There is no point in looking further. Injustice

I do not want to generalize, but there are really many questions about the ingenuity of tickers. What is the value of Danya Milokhin and his complete ignorance of the school program, and a couple of kind words from Larisa Dolina have already spoken about Vali Carnival’s talent. The blogger met with the People’s Artist on the YouTube show “Musicality”, after which a dispute arose between them about whether a person without a musical ear can sing. Carnival could not repeat a simple vocal exercise, after which the Valley grabbed his head, saying that this is a task for the first year.

Who was in the nomination

According to the results of the voting, Valya Karnaval and Natalia Rudova were nominated. Tiktokersha honestly did not understand how as many as four camp residents could send her to the test. And her boyfriend, blogger Sasha Stone, even promised to follow her if Carnival fails again. By a happy coincidence, this time the girl was able to bypass the opponent and open all the locks faster. Natalia Rudova left the project, despite the fact that the actress never represented the team. Time will tell what the loss of such a player will lead to, but it seems that the participants should tighten their belts – they will not see the food soon.

Natalia Rudova was replaced by Roman Yunusov.  Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / rudovanata, © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) yunusovroman

Natalia Rudova was replaced by Roman Yunusov. Photo © Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) / ore© Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) yunusovroman

Meanwhile, the vote finally divided the celebrities into two camps – the older and younger generation – which will now compete with each other based on personal preferences. And if Rudova’s departure was a loss for the first team, then Comedy Club resident Roman Yunusov, who came in the fifth issue, took her place.

Who deserved more to leave the Stars in Africa project?

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