Valya Carnival mentioned the name of the person who was annoying her

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Blogger Valya Carnival she admitted which of the participants of “Stars in Africa” ​​she did not get along with.

Fans of the singer may have thought that the wayward Alena Vodonaeva or Natalia Rudova did not get along with Valya Carnival. It turned out not. Oleg Vereshchagin left negative memories with his former lover Yegor Krid.

“Tensions were strained with Oleg Vereshchagin, a man with two personalities. I really don’t like cunning “thinkers”. I’m not such a person, I can’t think of cunning, my heart always speaks for me, that’s why it often comes to me, but I don’t like people like Oleg. He was cheerful for a while, and then everything became very difficult, sad and bitter, “- said Valya in an interview with the site

“I didn’t take anything but facial care products to keep from getting acne. Another means of personal hygiene, and did not take anything from clothes, went in what we were given. She took only a cap, shorts and pajamas. I didn’t need anything else, I went there not to a fashion show, but to show myself that I can survive in such conditions, “added Carnival.

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