Valya Carnival made a sensational confession

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Millions of views would not have been gained without overcoming the complexes.

The TikTok star, blogger Valya Carnival, visited Africa, where she participated in the second season of the popular show. After the project, the celebrity made a loud statement.

The young actress managed to face her fears by participating in extreme competitions and learning about the weaknesses of show business stars.

Carnival explained the decision to participate in the show “Stars in Africa” ​​by the interest to test yourself for strength. Prior to this project, the most extreme act in her life, Tiktokersha called walking school.

“I am not a white-handed person, I am not a disgusting person. There is very little that can scare me in the extreme. It was very interesting for me to communicate with people, because for a very long time I just avoided them and didn’t understand, “Valya Karnaval admitted in an interview with the magazine. Hello!.

Photo source: Screenshot “Karna.Val” / YouTube channel

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