Valery Meladze got in touch after a long silence

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The singer of the hit “Heaven” commented on rumors about himself.

The singer was outraged by the information on the Internet about his departure.

Valery Meladze did not get in touch with the fans for about a month, but finally broke the silence. The artist was outraged by the infamous rumors about his whereabouts, and also denied the information that he allegedly renounced the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

The star was criticized by a publication on the Internet, which claimed that Meladze had finally moved to France and was not going to return. In addition, the material said that the singer allegedly burned a certificate of his title and “other papers”.

The singer published a post in which he wrote the word “Fake” in large letters and hurried to reassure fans.

“What is written here is completely untrue. All objective information is only on official accounts, “he shared Telegram channel.

However, Meladze did not specify where he is at the moment. The singer has not yet announced big concerts in Russia, but it is known that he performs at corporate events.

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