Valery Kipelov named his favorite songs “Aria”, released after his departure

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Valery Kipelov answered a question from fans about his favorite songs “Aria”, which the band released after his departure.

Of course, there are songs that I like and came out in the period that I do not work in the group “Aria”. For example, “Point of no return”. I would love to sing it. A good song “Colosseum” from the time of Arthur Berkut. “It’s high there,” by the way, not bad.

I don’t know all the songs of “Aria” well. Sometimes on youtube I come across the names of “Aryan” songs – I understand that I have not heard them. They are good or bad – I can not say, even the names are unfamiliar to me.

Earlier, Valery Kipelov listed the Russians bands he likes.

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