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Valery Kipelov in the fresh interview named bands whose music he likes to listen to.

In fact, I don’t know many Russian bands. Only those with whom I often have to work at festivals or who I listen to. For example, there is such a wonderful heavy-power band “Grand Courage”, in which in 2018 there was a wonderful new vocalist Petya Elfimov. I like these guys.

It often happens that Margarita Pushkina brings me a song, I listen, I understand that the song is beautiful, good, but not mine. And then she “merges” it to these guys. Or the Catharsis group. I like Louna, Lumen – it’s harder to take.

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Valery Kipelov’s interview was published on the official Youtube channel of the Kipelov group, in which he told some interesting stories from the dashing 90’s. What fee did you receive for advertising Mentos? Did you fight with the Lubers? How did you pull Mavrin out of the “monkey”?

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