Valeria’s daughter can’t stand the emotional strain

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The singer turned to her subscribers.

Anna Shulgina does not hide that she has problems with the nervous system. Every now and then, the singer breaks into her audience and makes rather harsh remarks.

The last time Valeria’s daughter lost her temptation to help homeless animals. Shulgina admitted that although she is involved in charity, she is not obliged to help everyone in a row.

“I am wildly evil when people shift the responsibility for the lives of animals to me! Hundreds of volunteers and just citizens are being persecuted, sending horrible personnel, pressing that only I can help. They don’t have enough reposts, everyone asks for money… Sometimes I want to be the last scum and send everyone in the ass, ”Shulgina said rather sharply.

By the way, Shulgina also tries to support women who have faced domestic violence. She has repeatedly admitted that she herself has experienced an abusive relationship.

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