Valeria told how to recognize non-vocalists among the participants of “Mask”

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On the channel NTV the show continues “Mask”. And Capricorn, Anubis, Monster, Joker and other characters are still fighting for the sympathy of the audience. It is not easy for the panel of judges.

According to singer Valeria, a member of the jury, with each issue to get to know the artists becomes more and more difficult. They seem to play cat and mouse even more sophisticatedly than they did in previous seasons.

“And as soon as we have a version, the speakers actively begin to confirm it – their performance, manner of staying on stage. This is, of course, very interesting, we are all more involved in the cognitive process, it complicates everything, but at the same time makes our project incredibly interesting, ”explains Valeria.

Valeria in the jury of the show “Mask”. Photo: NTV channel

“We don’t always know what people we know are capable of”

How difficult is it to recognize people who have nothing to do with singing, the same figure skater Roman Kostomarov, athlete Svetlana Masterkova or TV presenter Vadim Takmenev from previous seasons?

– In general it is unreal. For whom there was hope, it is for those who know these people on the other hand – who once sang with them in karaoke, at home at the table, but even this factor does not work.

I did not recognize my own husband, Regina – my partner in the “Ice Age” Roman Kostomarov, with whom she has repeatedly been in karaoke. This is where the effect of surprise comes into play. We don’t always know what people we know well are capable of, especially if they are in another profession. Or maybe one of them is embroidering a cross?

– Do the audience reviews help you in any way?

– There are quite funny comments. Sometimes it is clear that the hero does not sing in an academic voice, and the audience writes: “I think it’s exactly Anna Netrebko, that’s just confusing confusion.” I do not remember what mask we were talking about. But the man was completely convinced that Anna Netrebko was singing. And when everyone is so confident in expressing their opinion, it’s actually a lot of fun.

But as life has shown, someone said something. I remember being told in the first season, “This is Oksana Fedorova.” And I answered: “Well, of course… The presenter just learned to sing in an opera voice.” And after all, no one took these tips seriously. While Oksana’s fans knew this side of her life and work. But when Oksana really appeared in front of us, I just couldn’t believe it, and I had to listen to people.

Valeria in the jury of the show
Valeria in the jury of the show “Mask”. Photo: NTV channel

“We’ve caught ourselves thinking so many times that we’re just overwhelmed by the speaker’s energy.”

– How do you explain the fact that warm relationships are sometimes established between the characters? They do not communicate with each other. Remember at least Kirill Turichenko and Yusif Aivazov, who hid in the images of Rhino and Lama in previous seasons?

– Surprisingly, when an artist enters the stage even in a mask, but if he is “warm”, carries light, then all this is transmitted through the voice. And other participants want to be closer to this character.

We have caught ourselves thinking so many times that we are simply overwhelmed by the energy of the speaker. And you think, “Well, how come? After all, there is a mask. But why do we laugh and cry with them? ” This is called the power of talent.

And it is surprising that the artist becomes more popular and noticeable after the project in which he does not show his face. And even more than in other shows, where he performs face to face with his audience. That’s a mystery. Probably, the soul is more exposed here, something is happening. There is some magic in this project.

– And in this secret lies the spectator success of “Mask”?

– In the secret and involvement of a huge audience. It turns out that “Mask” is watched by everyone – from small to large. And small children who do not understand the meaning of this show, but simply watch the singing dolls. For those who are older, it is more interesting.

Young people do not always know adult artists. And when my mother watches “Mask”, the names of young participants become a revelation for her. This project really unites, and we will learn a lot of new things for ourselves. And we, the jury, are rediscovering many famous artists.

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