Valeria reacted to Leopard’s exposure in “Mask”

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The singer suggested that there may be her own daughter.

Valeria. Photo: Global Look Press

The seventh issue of the show “Mask”, the most classified project on television, was released on NTV. It is attended by pop, movie and sports stars in different costumes, performing vocal numbers so that it is difficult to recognize them: they hide in bright costumes.

This time they decided to take off the mask Leopard. Singer Valeria, as a member of the jury, has long allowed the idea that there is her daughter Shena, born Anna Shulgina. Leopard reinforced this assumption with her jokes about mother and daughter.

Valeria suspected her daughter in a Leopard mask. Frame from the show “Mask”

But instead of Shena, the audience saw that the singer Marie Kraimbreri was hiding under the mask of Leopard. And Valeria explained her persistence after the revelation.

“I still have some doubts. It’s always like this with us: sometimes we are 100% sure, and then there are embarrassments, ”Valeria spread her arms.

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