Valeria mumbled too much about the show “Mask”

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Pop singer Valeria spoke candidly about how she was offered money for leaking data about the participants of the show “Mask” on NTV.

The “mask” on television was dubbed the “most secret” project. All the celebrities, editors and producers involved in the show claim that none of the jury members knows the name of the star, who is hiding in a bulky suit. Supports the version of colleagues and Valeria, whose family does not miss a single issue with the singer. The actress assures that even with a great desire to expose the contestants, she would not be able to do so.

“It’s very funny when serious adults call adults, who probably don’t even watch TV, and ask, ‘Well, tell me, who’s in the Dragon, who’s in the Octopus.’ We, they say, put huge sums here, but you probably know everyone! We will take your share, ”Valeria shared in an interview with StarHit.

Many familiar celebrities are thus trying to make money on the project, betting on the names of possible stars under the mask. However, the revelation can cost Valeria much more than the “share”: the singer signed a contract for a six-figure sum before filming the show. In its conditions the payment of the big penalty for information leakage is registered.

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