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Valeria has launched a new social network

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Valeria and her husband Iosif Prigozhin are sure that their site has great potential.

Musicgram!  Valeria has launched a new social network with a creative bias
Valeria. Photo: Global Look Press

Singer Valeria announced in its telegram the launch of its own social network called Musicgram.

As he claims Valeria, its site will have a principled focus – to work not for entertainment and pastime, but to reveal the creative potential of people.

With the opening of a new social network, he says Valeriait will be much easier for people to prove themselves from anywhere on Earth.

Musicgram. Photo:

“We have a large multinational country, I have traveled all over Russia for many years in my profession and I can proudly say that in absolutely every region, in every city – there are a huge number of talented musicians, artists, composers, poets, bloggers, choreographers. All these people are our national heritage. Talented people need to be helped, so the distinctive feature of our platform is, first of all, its usefulness, ”Valeria wrote in her telegram.

She is confident that the opening of Musicgram will take the domestic entertainment industry to a new level. The opening of the social network will take place soon.

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