Valeria burst into tears in front of the whole country

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The behavior of the actress did not leave fans indifferent.

Singer Valeria could not contain her emotions during the filming of the “Mask” project. The producer of the show shared the relevant video Julia Sumacheva in the personal Telegram channel.

In a short video, the celebrity shows footage from the upcoming issue, which fans will be able to see only this weekend. In the video, Valeria, who has been evaluating the participants for the third season, can’t contain her emotions and cries right during the recording of the program.

Proved: Valeria burst into tears in front of the whole country

Such incredible emotions on the show “Mask”. Who do you think touched? ” – intrigues Sumachev’s fans.

Netizens did not miss the producer’s publication and began to express different versions of what happened in the comments. Many believe that the singer reacted to the performance of one of the participants, who most likely sang her song.

“Well, maybe the Dragon, but I bet on the Bee,” “Either Bee or Capricorn,” fans share their thoughts.

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